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Need a 24 hour electrician in Brisbane & surrounding areas?

Audem Electrical is based in Woolloongabba and provides a true emergency electrical service across the Brisbane region. We’ll ensure you get the help you need, exactly when you need it.

We understand that when your power goes out or something is wrong with your electrical system, you need the issue solved as quickly as possible.

That’s why we offer 24/7 phone support and a team of skilled electricians who are ready to spring into action at a moment’s notice.

We know that when an emergency strikes, you can’t wait around. That’s why we guarantee fast, efficient service that will leave you with peace of mind.

So if you’re looking for a Brisbane emergency electrician you can trust, look no further than Audem.

Our promise to you: we guarantee to answer the phone 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

When To Call An Emergency Electrician?


You might be asking yourself what exactly constitutes an electrical emergency? The simple answer is that anything that poses a threat to your safety or to your home requires a call to a local emergency electrician.

Some of the most common reasons to call an emergency electrician in Brisbane include:

Brisbane Emergency Electrician

Power Outage

If you’re the only one on the block without power, you can safely assume that there’s an issue with your properties electrical system. Call our emergency electricians now to diagnose and solve the issue.

Emergency Electrician Brisbane

Blown Street Fuse

If your circuit has suddenly gone dead, you might be suffering from a blown fuse. While a relatively simple issue to diagnose and fix, it’s imperative you never try to fix it yourself; instead, call our local team of electricians who are nearby and ready to help.

Emergency Electrical Service Brisbane

Tripping Safety Switch

Is your safety switch constantly tripping for no apparent reason? There are a range of problems that can cause a safety switch to trip, including overloaded power sockets, faulty wiring, or water within your home’s walls or ceiling.

Brisbane Emergency Electrical Service

Electrical Fire Hazards

A hazard is any fault within your system that has the potential to cause an electrical fire. If there is a risk of danger, call our emergency electricians for immediate assistance.

Emergency Electrician Near Me

Smoking Or Sparking Power Sockets

If you can smell smoke, see sparking, or the sockets are warm to the touch, this may indicate a wiring issue.

Brisbane Emergency Electrician

Damage Following Wild Weather

If your home has been impacted by strong wind and heavy rain, we urge you to contact our emergency electricians in Brisbane’s northside and southside. Do not attempt to investigate or repair anything yourselves. Our team has the skill and knowledge to safely and appropriately inspect the issue at hand. We’ll provide the right solution that once again restores safety and functionality to your property.

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Lost Power?

Do This First

There are two common causes of power outages in the home or office, either there is an unexpected area wide outage, or the issue is isolated to your property only, which means you’re the only one without power.

If it is safe to do so, we suggest taking a look outside to see if your neighbours are experiencing the same problems. If so, there is likely a fault affecting a certain area, and as such, the repair and diagnosis of the fault is the responsibility of the network provider. In Brisbane, this is Energex. You can call their loss of supply line on 13 62 62. 

However, if it looks like yours is the only property suffering from power loss, call us immediately. We’ve got a team of skilled electricians ready to dispatch, no matter the time of day or night, to help restore power to your property.

All of our electricians are fully qualified, licensed, and of course, insured.

Emergency Electrician Near Me

To Do

What To Do Until HelpArrives


If possible, keep your fridge closed to prevent food from spoiling

If you are using candles, ensure they are on a safe and sturdy surface and far away from flammables like curtains

Use a torch where possible (and this is your reminder to pack a torch and spare batteries somewhere easily accessible should you lose power again in the future)

Don’t try to explore the issue yourself. We urge you to wait for professional advice

Try to stay calm, especially if you’ve got kids with you

Leave your premises if there is a risk of electrical fire or other damage or injuries

Audem Electrical

Our Brisbane electricians are ready to provide solutions to all your residential and commercial electrical needs. We offer a 24 hour emergency electrician service, ensuring assistance at any time. Schedule a quote with us and experience a hassle-free solution to your electrical problems today!

QLD Electrical license: 87783
NSW Electrical license: 387954C
TAS Electrical license: 225623057

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