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Oven Installation And Repair

Oven Repair Brisbane


Installation & Repair

You may not even realise how much you rely on the oven in your kitchen, except for when it fails you, of course.

If you need a rapid and reliable electrician for oven repairs, don’t hesitate to contact Audem Electric now. Our team is out on the roads delivering rapid response solutions to get your oven (and by extension your kitchen) back in action.

We offer a range of electrical oven services including installation, repairs, and removal. Find out more about each service below and call us now for support.

Electrician Brisbane

Our Electrical Oven Services

Audem’s skilled team of residential electricians can assist you with a range of electric oven services.

Whether you’re installing a new and more efficient model, are after repairs, or want to remove and replace your appliance, we can help.

Oven Repair Brisbane

Oven Installation

Audem Electrical offers professional oven installation for all popular makes and models.

We offer a complete end-to-end service, which can also include removing an old oven.

We can install all types of electric ovens, including wall ovens, under-bench ovens, and freestanding systems.

Brisbane Oven Installation

Oven Repairs

Whether your oven is suddenly playing up or smaller issues have gradually escalated over time, our oven repair specialists can quickly and safely inspect the issue and provide the right solution.

We also offer unbiased insight into whether you should consider repair or instead invest in a replacement.

Oven Installation Brisbane

Oven Removal

If your oven has unexpectedly failed you, you may be skipping the repairs and instead choosing a new and more efficient oven for your home.

Audem’s licensed team of electricians can safely disconnect and remove your old electric oven and dispose of it responsibly.

While we’re at it, we can also install and connect your new one.

Brisbane Electrical Oven Installation
Electrical Oven Installation Brisbane

Common Oven Issues

Ovens can malfunction for a range of reasons, and it often requires a professional to diagnose the problem. In our experience, some of the most common issues encountered include:

  • Oven does not turn on or is not heating up

  • Temperature is wrong or oven is not reaching correct temperature

  • Oven door won’t open or close or does not seal properly

  • Internal light is not working

These problems can sometimes be difficult to troubleshoot, so if your oven isn’t working the way it should, don’t hesitate to call Audem Electrical now. We’ll effectively identify the issue and help you understand what is required to fix it.

Should I Repair Or Replace My Oven?

When it comes to many appliances around the home, most of us will face the question of whether to repair or replace and wonder if repairs are worth it.

The most important thing to consider when you’re deciding whether to invest in a new oven or opt for repairs is the age of your current appliance. This can be an important factor that influences your decision. There are two important considerations to make when it comes to age:

Oven Installation Brisbane

Older ovens are often less energy efficient

This is mostly related to the quality of the insulation and the fan motors. This can increase the overall cost of using your oven. It may be more economical in the long run to invest in a new oven if yours is more than 5-10 years old. Low quality oven brands that are very cheap are often not worth repairing even if they are very new, as the cost of repairs can often be more expensive than a new replacement.

Brisbane Oven Installation

Depending on the age of your oven, it may prove more difficult to find replacement parts

At the moment, there are also significant delays on a number of different oven parts, which means that while repairs are in theory possible, replacement makes the most sense given the time it will take for a repair to be done. This can either drive up the cost of repairs or in fact render repairs impossible as a certain part is no longer manufactured.

Having said that, we understand that there’s no clear cut answer, so we recommend speaking with an expert like Audem Electrical to help you understand the condition of your oven and what may be required to repair it.

And, if you want it, we’re happy to share our unbiased opinion, too..

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